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What causes snoring and sleeping apnea, and what are the risk factors

Facts about snoring, its diagnosis and treatment

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Snoring like any other sound is always caused by vibrations. It is caused due to vibrations of nose and throat tissues that are not meant to vibrate by nature. It is due to the result of turbulent airflow causing those tissues to vibrate during sleep.

Studies show that around 45 per cent males and 30 per cent females snore regularly. There are many people who do not snore regularly, do snore when they are drunk or during illness and sometime while under medication.

No clear relation has been found to body weight and snoring. Some time a thin lady may snore more loudly than a very fat man or vice versa. Usually people tend to snore more as they grow older.
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The Primary Causes of Snoring

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Snoring is caused due to air flow that causes the relaxed collapsible parts that dangle loose within the back of our mouths to flip up whilst we sleep. This then causes them to strike one another whenever air passes through them, which in turn causes them to vibrate – the source of the sounds.

The following causes affect people who are afflicted with this condition: if the throat’s fleshy structure is above the average size, more of the tissues end up striking each other; this directly increases the chances that snoring occurs, which is why people have a tendency to snore when their tonsils or adenoids are overlarge or swollen due to illness. People, who are overweight, however, tend to have larger necks, which constrict the air flow; this increased body mass causes more blockages due to an increase in tissues. Tumors and cysts can also be linked to snoring, as the increase in mass can also cause a restriction of air flow.

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Why Do Children Snore?

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It is normal for children to snore on occasion. Modern studies prove that 3 to 12% of kids between one and nine years of age actually snore. However, frequent snoring isn’t normal. Snoring by habit may be caused by medical conditions that need to be taken seriously, such as sleep apnea.

This condition is characterized by noises that can be attributed to loud snoring when it comes to certain periods of interruptions in breathing. These interruptions could either be long or short, and range from five to thirty seconds. This could inhibit children from their sleeping habit, making them wake up, shift to a new sleeping position and try to sleep again. Soon, he will start snoring again. Snoring sometimes happens more than once in the night, every night. Even though this is a rare condition when it comes to children, it is of the utmost essence that parents keep a lookout for the following symptoms:
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Can snoring damage your relationships?

Unfortunately, yes. Snoring does tend to damage relationships if nothing is done about it. There’s only so long a person can go without sleep, or with interrupted sleep, before they become irritable and crabby. It sounds like your poor wife is nearing her breaking point.

If you’re asking yourself how do I stop snoring, there are several things you can do about your problem, which may help you and your family to get more restful sleep.

First, take some time to analyze your sleeping space and habits. Do you sleep with your head lowered or elevated? Do you sleep on your side or on your back? If a particular sleeping position seems to make you snore more loudly or severely, solving your problem may be as simple as changing the side you sleep on.

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