The Primary Causes of Snoring

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Snoring is caused due to air flow that causes the relaxed collapsible parts that dangle loose within the back of our mouths to flip up whilst we sleep. This then causes them to strike one another whenever air passes through them, which in turn causes them to vibrate – the source of the sounds.

The following causes affect people who are afflicted with this condition: if the throat’s fleshy structure is above the average size, more of the tissues end up striking each other; this directly increases the chances that snoring occurs, which is why people have a tendency to snore when their tonsils or adenoids are overlarge or swollen due to illness. People, who are overweight, however, tend to have larger necks, which constrict the air flow; this increased body mass causes more blockages due to an increase in tissues. Tumors and cysts can also be linked to snoring, as the increase in mass can also cause a restriction of air flow.

In other cases snoring can be caused by a soft palate or a uvula that is extra long. These muscles have a tendency to dangle when someone breathes; this causes them to act like flutter valves, which obstruct air flow.

An impediment within nasal passages may also result in the inhibition of air flow from the nose to the lungs. In a situation where a person’s nose is blocked, it is recommended that s/he breathe forcefully to create a vacuum within the throat. This then causes the parts within this section of the respiratory tract to experience increased movement. Even though a person does not normally snore, there is a high probability that s/he would either during the hay fever season or while s/he has a cold.

Problems with respiration could also occur as a result of nose construction whereby nasal septums have deformities, which result in a restriction on the airways.

Mouth breathing is yet another thing that has a direct relationship with how much people snore. When mouth breathers fall asleep, the jaw drops and a space is created. This allows the person’s tongue to move into the back of the throat. An obstruction is thus created, in which the passing of air once again encourages vibration and therefore snoring.

Situations with the nasal passage would be relatively simple to resolve. The ever-reliable aids to stop snoring are always a great choice. These aids commonly rely on increasing the size of the nostrils to enable easier breathing while the person sleeps through the use of clips and straps.

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    Thank you for the idea! Now I know why I snore. Anyways, any medicine or commercial products you can offer? I would reaaly love to stop my self from snoring! Thank you ahead.


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