Why Do Children Snore?

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It is normal for children to snore on occasion. Modern studies prove that 3 to 12% of kids between one and nine years of age actually snore. However, frequent snoring isn’t normal. Snoring by habit may be caused by medical conditions that need to be taken seriously, such as sleep apnea.

This condition is characterized by noises that can be attributed to loud snoring when it comes to certain periods of interruptions in breathing. These interruptions could either be long or short, and range from five to thirty seconds. This could inhibit children from their sleeping habit, making them wake up, shift to a new sleeping position and try to sleep again. Soon, he will start snoring again. Snoring sometimes happens more than once in the night, every night. Even though this is a rare condition when it comes to children, it is of the utmost essence that parents keep a lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Poor Speech This means that children mumble and always talk like they are speaking with their mouths full.
  • Lower Growth Rate Those who suffer from this condition make use of much more energy while they breathe at night. While eating, they take their time because they can’t chew and breathe simultaneously, giving them insufficient nutrients needed for growth.
  • Hyperactivity Without sleep, children tend to be drowsy when it comes to daytime, making them act frantically.
  • Lower School Performance Without proper sleep at night, children seem tired at school and have difficulties focusing or concentrating, leading to poor school performance.

If you child seems to suffer from these symptoms, it is important for you to bring him to your pediatrician for examinations. Children may seem happy with the smiles on their faces when sent to a doctor, though, so it may be hard to figure out if he is suffering from sleep apnea. It is recommended to keep track of your child’s snoring habits, in order to help our doctor thoroughly examine the actual situation.

Sleep apnea isn’t the only reason behind a child’s snoring, tough. There may be other reasons, such as allergy attacks, asthma, adenoid or tonsil enlargement, tonsillitis, or obesity.

Even a jaw’s underdevelopment within its womb could cause children to snore. Also, there may be the case where muscles and nerves lose control within the airways, making children snore. Make sure you find out your child’s symptoms before acting upon his snoring.

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