Do you sleep talk?

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Are you talking in your sleep? Let’s discuss, post your thoughts in comments…

4 thoughts on “Do you sleep talk?

  1. zuza

    My wife told me i was talking in sleep many times. I do not know why this happens or how to stop this, some say this can be because of stress, but my life is not stressed at all.

    so, what should i do? this is very embarrassing

    1. stopsnor

      I have heard that this kind of problem is also inherited. I have know someone who also does the same ting when sleeping. (Actually her entire family she said.) Not to mention her bother as my roommate at the same time.

  2. BioSmart

    I talk in my sleep. Never anything that makes much sense though. It is usually a few words and mumbles strung together that do not make much sense. It is probably some strong dreams happening, but I never figured it out. I’ve always seen it as entertaining instead of embarrassing.


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