Is your husband snoring?

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So, your husband is snoring? There’s of bunch of things that can be recommended to make your life easier:

  ● Change his lifestyle since it will lead to reduction of fatty tissues that are present in back of his throat which in turn will considerably assist your husband to quit snoring. Make him exercise in order to tone muscle of his throat.

  ● Insist that that your husband quits smoking if he does. This irritates the membranes in throat and nose and causes snoring.

  ● Keep your husband away from sleeping pills, sedatives and alcohol especially prior to bedtime since they will relax the throat muscles and interfere with his breathing. Inevitably, some of the prescribed medications are bound to encourage a deeper sleep level and make the snoring worse.

  ● Help your husband establish a regular pattern of sleep. Creating a ritual of bedtime is quite helpful.

  ● You can choose the following bedtime snoring remedies. To quit snoring your husband has to clear his nasal passage before bedtime otherwise a stuffy nose is assured to make an inhalation difficult and even create a vacuum in his throat. This can be done naturally with help of a nasal decongestant, nasal strips or a neti pot which helps an easier breathing while sleeping. Keep the bedroom’s air moist with help of a humidifier since dry air can irritate the membranes in his throat and nose. Reposition is quite important where he should elevate his head 4 inches to ease breathing and encourage the jaw as well as the tongue to move forward. He should avoid caffeine and heavy metals such as soymilk and dairy products two hours prior to bedtime. He should preferably sleep on sides and totally avoid sleeping on his back. Today, we can find pillows that are especially designed to help quit snoring by ensuring that there is no crimping formed in your husband’s neck muscles.

  ● Encourage your husband to perform easy throat exercises. He can practice these exercises for half an hour a day to quit snoring. He should pronounce each of the vowels a, e, I, o, u repeatedly which helps strengthening his upper respiratory tract’s muscle. He has to place his tongue behind his top front teeth and slide tongue backwards for three minutes. He has to close mouth and purse his lips holding it for 30 seconds. With an open mouth, he has to move jaw to right and left and holds it for 30 seconds respectively.

  ● Your husband can choose alternative cures which are found to be quite effective in reduction and sometimes elimination of snoring. He can sing and play the didgeridoo to increase the muscle control in throat as well as soft palate. He can as well opt for the medical cures that include continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP, utilization of dental appliances and oral devices, traditional surgery or laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty which is the newest development to quit snoring.

  ● Simply use earplugs 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is your husband snoring?

  1. meli wonder

    Help! I am truly exhausted but cannot sleep because of my husband’s snoring? Can anybody let me know how can I get my husband to quit snoring? 🙁 🙁 ;(

    1. SamBoi

      Just kick him when he starts snoring! Or use earplugs.

      If your husband smokes, he’d better quit smoking because that leads to the blockage of the airway

    2. BioSmart

      Hi, You are not the only one that deals with a spouses snoring. In many cases it is actually the pillow that causes the snoring. Most traditional pillows actually end up cutting off the airways. Check out this pillow that has been FDA approved, and tested at Stanfords sleep medicine department. In the clinical studies, the results were astounding. Snoring was reduced by 78%, the duration of these events were reduce by 86%, and sleep apnea was reduced by 24%.



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