Home Remedies for Snoring Problem

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It has been widely known that snoring is resulted from the dysfunction in the mechanism of our body. When we are sleeping, some parts in our breathing apparatus like the muscles in soft palate, throat and tongue close the airway partially. As the throat muscles relax enough and the coming in and out air through the airway is obstructed, this then produces vibrant sound called snoring. Since snoring is a sleeping disorder which can cause fatal diseases, we have to stop it. One reliable way to do so is by doing home remedies. What home remedies are effective?

Do Regular Exercise

So far, we may have done exercise every day. However, we do not realize that doing exercise regularly like stretching, aerobic or jogging around can effectively help us cope with our snoring problem. Exercise helps strengthen our body and the muscles of our breathing apparatus. By then, the obstruction that causes snoring in our upper respiratory can be lifted up. Aerobic, especially, is very good for lung capacity and cardiovascular health. The best time for us to do exercise is right before bed time because at this time our body get highly stimulated to sleep.

Lose Weight

Another recommended home remedy we need to do to get rid of our snore is lose weight. As we know that weight, especially overweight, is not good for our health. Excessive weight around the chest and neck, for example, contributes much to snoring problem as it disturbs the breathing. So, losing weight will be very effective to lower the snoring intensity. We can lose weight by adopting active and healthy lifestyle. We must also take good eating habits for it.

Be away from Sedatives, Alcohol and Cigarettes

Sedatives and drugs play high role in causing snoring problems. It is so because such drugs can excessively intensify our central nervous system and relax our muscles and throat tissues. Sedatives and drugs cause us hold up the breathing process as they affect our brain stimulation for sleeping.

Smoking cigarettes cause to the increase in the congestion in our nose and throat which at later stage brings about the swelling in our upper air passage in the throat. Smoking, on the other hand, decreases the oxygen intake to our lung.

Alcohol, furthermore, also affects very much on causing such problems as smoking do. Hence, it is very urgent that we avoid smoking or drinking alcohol at least four hours before sleeping.

Pay attention to Sleeping Posture

Besides avoiding those mentioned bad habits, we can get rid of our snoring problem by changing sleeping posture. It is not good that we sleep on our back because it can cause our tongue and soft palate obstruct the airway. So, it is advisable that we sleep on our belly. This way, we can minimize the pressure on the airway. We can do so by adjusting our bed to get our torso lift up. We can use some objects to help us like putting wood block under our headboard or else. Or we can use a firm mattress if the pillow we use cause our neck sprain or our body sink.

Take medication

The other home remedy we can do to cope with our snoring problem is taking prescribed medicines regularly. We can take anti-snoring pills that contain herbs and plant enzymes, nasal strips or throat sprays to help us let air passage open normally.

We have to realize that snoring is not a disease but it can cause several fatal diseases. By adopting healthy lifestyles, we can curb snoring problem we suffer effectively

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