How to Stop Snoring Naturally?

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Snoring can often interrupt a good night sleep for not only for you, but for your bed partner as well. You may have seen infomercials on TV about products that are guaranteed to help you stop snoring. However, many of these products have no scientific study to back up their claims. This article will discuss ways you can stop snoring naturally.

Sometimes, something as simple as changing the position you sleep in can help stop snoring. You want to avoid sleeping on your back, as this makes the base of your tongue stick to the back of your throat, which causes you to snore. Sleeping on your side can help prevent you from snoring. If you find that sleeping on your side is something that is hard to get used to, try using a body pillow. A body pillow is a full-length pillow that you can hug at night. If you still have trouble sleeping on your back, attach a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas. This will help you break the habit of sleeping on your back.

Losing weight may or may not help you to stop snoring. Skinny people also snore. But it does seem that losing a few pounds does help some people stop snoring. It seems to help people the most that have gained weight around their neck, because extra fat squeezes the inside of the throat which causes your throat to be blocked during sleep and may in turn make you snore.

Consuming alcohol before bed causes people to snore. Even people who don’t usually snore will end up snoring after consuming alcohol before bedtime. Avoid alcohol beverages for a quiet night’s sleep.

Opening your nasal passages before bed is a great way to help you stop snoring. Keeping the nasal passages open allows air to move through your nose more easily. If your nose is clogged, the air moving through your throat will cause snoring. There are several ways to open your nasal passages. You can take a hot shower before bedtime, which is a great way to clear any clogs in your nose. Nasal strips are another great way to clear your nasal passages. Nasal strips work by lifting the nasal passage as well as opening them up.

When you are investigating ways to stop snoring naturally, try changing your pillows. There may be allergens in your pillow that are causing you to snore. If it has been a while since you cleaned the ceiling fan and you turn it on at night, the dust flying around can cause you to snore more.

Another irritant that may be contributing to your snoring is letting your pets sleep on the bed with you at night. You may be inhale animal dander and having an allergic reaction. So, just changing your pillows and keeping the pets out of your bedroom at night may be all you need to help you stop snoring. Once you do purchase new pillows, you’ll want to put them in the dryer every few weeks on the fluff cycle to kill dust mites and allergens, and you’ll want to replace them about every six months.

These simple ideas on how to stop snoring naturally will not only help you stop snoring but will help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep as well.

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