Top Cures for Snoring

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Snoring can be quite amusing, but if you have to sleep next to someone who has a loud snore every single night, things could get quite annoying. Because of this, it is essential to find out how snoring can be cured.

Here are several ways to cure a person’s snoring:

1. Do breathing exercises.
Snoring occurs when a breathing passage is blocked, usually within the throat. Such blockage could cause throats to tense and position the jaw incorrectly, or stuff one’s nose. Take some deep breathes to relax your throat and to start breathing normally again.

2. Take decongestants.
Another cause may simply be nasal congestion. This means that the person breathes through the mouth that could cause snoring. By consuming decongestants, any blockage will be freed and the snoring will be alleviated.

3. Take anti-allergy medications.
Several allergies occur due to adenoid enlargement. Once this allergy has been cured, snoring tends to cease.

4. Get a proper diet and proper exercise.
If people are overweight, they usually snore. This happens because the overall concentration of fat within the airways stops the air from freely moving in and out. Additionally, the stomach’s fat formation stops the diaphragm from performing the way it should. Because of this, snoring happens. In fact, forty percent of obese people snore. By taking exercise regularly with a proper diet, snoring can be stopped, as well as various other risks in health that can be linked to obesity.

5. Change your position in bed.
In several occasions, snoring can simply stem from incorrect sleeping position. Occasionally, having a big amount of pillows may narrow and stretch a person’s air passage, so try sleeping with a single pillow, in order to avoid this. Lying down on one’s back could also cause snoring. Therefore, a simple change in your sleeping position could easily help.

6. Make a change in lifestyle.
Alcohol and smoking sometime help in the overall onset of a person’s snoring and it could result from other kinds of medical conditions that these two factors may have caused. Therefore, in order to keep a healthy and good life, a person should cease or reduce alcohol intake and smoking, which could alleviate snoring.

7. Take a look at your medications.
Sleeping pills, antihistamines, various other kinds of medications could make snoring worse.

If snoring, however, stems from serious medical conditions like sleep apnea or adenoid and tonsil enlargement, several surgical procedures exist that can be administered to alleviate snoring. It is therefore essential to find out the actual cause of a person’s snoring before decide to take any kind of action.

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  1. stopsnor

    Thank you for the tips. I’m sure it would be a good start to prevent ourselves from snoring. I know it would be a great help not just to me but to all of us who snores.

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