Top Remedies for Snoring

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Most of us snore at one time or another but it is the frequency of the snoring that can lead to problems. The more frequently you find yourself snoring, the more it can affect the amount and quality of your sleep. Not only does it affect your sleep but if you share your bed with someone else, it will no doubt affect their sleep as well. But there are remedies for snoring that does not have to include you and your partner having to sleep in separate rooms.

The reason that people snore is because they have an excessive amount of throat and nasal tissue that vibrates as you sleep. The sound of the snoring comes from the fact that air cannot move the way it needs to through the nose and mouth as they sleep. There are several things that contribute to the causes of why people snore while others do not. Age plays a huge factor in snoring. The older that you get; the more prone you are to snoring. This is because your throat become slimmer thus making snoring more likely. If you are overweight, the excess fatty tissue can cause you to snore. If you are taking specific types of medications or you smoke or drink alcohol, relaxes your muscles which in turns causes snoring.

If you watch any amount of television, you probably have seen products that have been advertised to help you stop snoring. It may seem like a nightmare just trying to choose one of these products. Well the good news is that you can rest easy because you do not have to choose any of these products. None of these products have been proven to be effective to stop snoring. However, there are remedies for snoring that actually do work.

There are some things you can do at bedtime in order to help you stop snoring. If you have a stuffy nose, clearing the nasal passage can assist with less snoring. The reason for this is that a stuffy nose can make breathing in a bit more difficult than normal and it also make a vacuum in the throat which makes you snore. There are nasal strips that are sold over the counter which work great in clearing the nasal passage. Using a humidifier in your bedroom can help in keeping the air in the room moist which will help prevent the membranes in your nose and throat from becoming irritated.

Try adding an additional pillow so that your head is more elevated. There are pillows that are specially made to help people stop snoring by making sure that your neck is positioned correctly to help with air flow. Do not intake caffeine or heavy meals at least three hours before bedtime. You should also avoid all dairy products within that time as well. Just by changing your sleeping position can assist with helping you stop snoring. You want to avoid sleeping on your back and try sleeping on your side instead. Another great trick to help you stop snoring is to sing before bed. Singing helps increase muscle control.

If you find that none of these remedies for snoring is helping, you may need to seek the advice of a medical professional.

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