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Treatment for Snoring

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Snoring is a sound that is caused by vibrations in the throat which make a loud buzzing sound. So, how common is snoring? Everyone has the ability to snore. Sometimes people who are not regular snorers will snore after consuming alcohol, after taking certain medications, or after getting over a viral infection. Snoring can be difficult for you to live with, as well as your bedmate or sleeping partner. Snoring can disrupt sleep, making you more sleepy and irritable during the day, and making it difficult for you to function at home, work, or school.

When we sleep, we go through several stages of sleep. The two major stages are rapid eye movement and non-rapid eye movement. Snoring is most common in REM sleep. During this stage of sleep, the brain sends a message to all your muscles that it is now time to relax. However, your tongue and your throat may collapse during relaxation and cause the airway to become skinnier which in turn causes snoring.

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Is your husband snoring?

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So, your husband is snoring? There’s of bunch of things that can be recommended to make your life easier:

  ● Change his lifestyle since it will lead to reduction of fatty tissues that are present in back of his throat which in turn will considerably assist your husband to quit snoring. Make him exercise in order to tone muscle of his throat.

  ● Insist that that your husband quits smoking if he does. This irritates the membranes in throat and nose and causes snoring.

  ● Keep your husband away from sleeping pills, sedatives and alcohol especially prior to bedtime since they will relax the throat muscles and interfere with his breathing. Inevitably, some of the prescribed medications are bound to encourage a deeper sleep level and make the snoring worse.

  ● Help your husband establish a regular pattern of sleep. Creating a ritual of bedtime is quite helpful.

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Can snoring damage your relationships?

Unfortunately, yes. Snoring does tend to damage relationships if nothing is done about it. There’s only so long a person can go without sleep, or with interrupted sleep, before they become irritable and crabby. It sounds like your poor wife is nearing her breaking point.

If you’re asking yourself how do I stop snoring, there are several things you can do about your problem, which may help you and your family to get more restful sleep.

First, take some time to analyze your sleeping space and habits. Do you sleep with your head lowered or elevated? Do you sleep on your side or on your back? If a particular sleeping position seems to make you snore more loudly or severely, solving your problem may be as simple as changing the side you sleep on.

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